Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Nominations.

So the Academy Award nominations are in and I must say, I am relatively underwhelmed.

I won't rehash them for you as I'm sure those who are reading this have already seen the list, what I will say is one thing. I am so damn happy that The Dark Knight isn't up for Best Picture or Best Director. Everyone and their mother thought it was a lock, but I knew that if a black man can be the President than it's possible.

I'd like to thank my parents, my agent, and most of all the Academy voters for actually not making a similar mistake to the one they made with Titanic. Sure, I was really pulling for Wall-E and The Wrestler for best picture but at least something worked out to my advantage.


the editor., said...

Hi! D.P.,
I just cast my vote for
Frost/Nixon because something about that event being "historic" or related to history. (Shrug shoulders)
But, I am quite sure Slumdog Millionaire (Academy voters sometimes like to vote for a film (s) were the "little" man or "woman" come out on top...ala "Marty" and "Rocky")

or Milk (history again!) will take home the "Gold Statuette!"

The "Dame"

T.S. said...

Right now, my vote's for Milk, which is undeniably the best of the bunch. I know your feelings on The Dark Knight, and I'm not looking for a fight; for all its flaws, I still enjoyed it tremendously, but I wasn't particularly rooting for it to secure Best Picture and Best Director nominations, nor have I ever championed it as any second-coming of cinema or a rebirth of a genre. Truth to be told, I figured if they nominated it at all it would be a cynical ploy to lure in viewers, considering in the last decade their television audience has fallen by 20 million, and I'd rather they not nominate something in sincerity than nominate it in rapaciousness.

The problematic thing is, by making the build-up to the nominations a will-they-nominate-or-won't-they horse race as the Oscars typically do, the Academy was able to slide in some pitiful choices. Frost/Nixon and The Reader are mediocre films at best, with the latter being the worst of the bunch, produced under rather ordinary direction and lacking in substance. Slumdog Millionaire is a novelty, which probably bodes will for its chances, and yet once the novelty fades away, it's revealed to be nothing but an average love story fueled by adrenaline-laced direction. I think The Curious Case of Benjamin Button is an interesting film, and while I very much enjoyed it, I'll be the first to admit its flaws are on almost neon-lit display. Thus my vote for Milk. And while I could have come up with five films that deserved to be nominated more than The Dark Knight, apparently the Academy could not. I wouldn't call it a snub; just the Oscars being the Oscars.

T.S. said...

Make that *four films that deserve to be nominated more than. Milk certainly deserves it.

Dead Pan said...

Hey Dame---I have a feeling Slumdog will take the cake.

TS---my feelings on TDK are actually similar to yours. I found it to be a masterpiece until the last 45 minutes or so, which actually worked decently for me on first viewing, but I could barely sit through on a second.

I agree that Milk is a strong film, but I enjoyed Slumdog just a bit more. That being said, if I were to say which film was actually better, I would probably go with Milk. I won't mind if either of those 2 win really. I haven't seen F/N or The Reader but wouldn't see how they could possibly win from the reviews.

I am just pretty disappointed overall I guess, but I never expected it to be anything special really.

Fletch said...


Count me among those saddened/annoyed/whathaveyou at TDK's exclusion.

My vote will begrudgingly go to Slumdog. I liked it a lot, but not as the Best Pic winner...still, I like it better than the remaining choices.

Dead Pan said...

Agreed Fletch. Except about TDK, sorry I can't join you in the love for that film. While I actually do love it, just not as much as everyone else.

TinyVessels said...

I was very damn happy that The Dark Knight wasn't nominated. People need to stop talking about how it was snubbed. Christopher Nolan isn't even close to deserving the award as much as Darren Aronofsky. That has to be the biggest disappointment for me. I really thought The Wrestler would sweep the oscars this year. I was almost as underwhelmed with the Oscars as I was with the Golden Globes. Oh well, maybe next year will have more deserving films on the list.

Randal said...

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