Friday, March 27, 2009

Update Shmupdate....

So it has been nearly 2 months since I have updated this here blog. Honestly, I miss it, and will have some updates in the near near future, but for now, can I please have the floor to give you all a laundry list of possible excuses? Thank you.

Well---these aren't so much excuses as much as they are a way to let you all know what I have been up to recently.

I started working for a local film company set in Columbus, Ohio called Cut Throat Entertainment. We are set to start filming our first project in May, with hopes of completion by July. Along with that we have a number of other short films we are working on, including one I am a sort of honorary co-writer on due to a friends kindness, because he constantly asked my opinion on every aspect of his screenplay. So there is that excuse...

I also am gearing to finally get a one year certificate in Media Criticism and Journalism from the University of Cincinnati, too bad it only took me three years to attain it. Now the decision of whether or not to continue going in the journalistic direction I have started needs to be made.

I have also been interning for a local alt-weekly newspaper set in downtown Cincy called CityBeat and will actually have some writing published in there next week. It is a DVD review of The Boy in the Striped Pajamas. And I will be continuing my writing and internship there for at least the duration of the school year.

This along with being a pizza delivery guy, married man, and all around just plain lazy, does not make a good blogmaster. Truth be told, I have seen a few movies this year, mostly lackluster. I would categorize them as good/decent(Watchmen, I Love You, Man), watchable(Taken) and just plain Godawful (Underworld 3). While I have felt compelled to jot down some words about these films and call it a review, every time I get the chance I decide to watch some unwatched episodes of The Office or Freaks and Geeks, or pull out some newly bought DVDs like Synecdoche, New York or Role Models and watch them and their special features, or even finally start reading Death of a Salesman.

Wow, I just typed a whole lot just to say that I cannot believe I haven't updated this thing in nearly two months. Please tell me you haven't forgotten about me?


the editor., said...

Hi! D.P.
I read your poll questions (and voted in the "positive," but of course!) and then I read your article and I feel that you most definitely isn't a "slacker" what so ever! It sounds to me as if some really good?!?..."great" things are happening in your life!...Personally, your "excuses"
sounds more like "reasons" to me!

Shawn said,"Please tell me you haven't forgotten about me?" Nope!...because your blog is on my blogroll(s) Ha!ha!...
Welcome back! D.P., and "Congratulation" especially, with CityBeat. (Which I plan to checkout!)
Take care!
Dcd ;-D

Fletch said...

Nope - haven't forgotten you. Still subscribed and checking. It's weird - I commented on this somewhere else, but it seems as though a lot of people have been slowing down/hiatus-ing (?)/whatever in the last few months. Must be something in the water...or maybe Obama's to blame. ;)

Either way, glad to see you've been keeping busy and haven't forgotten your dear blog. And it sounds like you've been having fun, or at the very least getting some cool experience in.