Wednesday, May 20, 2009

It's Alive! It's Alive!

As previously noted in last months blog post, I have been a busy man. I recently had another article published in CityBeat and should be having more in the near future.

This article is about a great local group called Okay Lindon.

Check it out here.

In regards to this here blog, I am excited to say I have found a little time to start movie watching again. I am organizing my Documentary film study as we speak and will start posting those in June. I am going to attempt to make it a monthly thing with each genre, but as far as documentaries are going I have so many I want to see that it will probably spill over into July.

Here is a current list of the Doc's I plan on studying, I have separated these into different topics I wish to cover them under:

Hearts Of Darkness
American Movie
Lost In La Mancha

The American Dream:
Hoop Dreams
Harlan County, USA
Roger and Me

Under a Microscope:
Bob Dylan: Don't Look Back
Little Dieter Needs To Fly
The Times of Harvey Milk

Quirky is the New Normal:
Capturing The Friedman's
Vernon, Florida
Gates Of Heaven

Born Into Brothels
Hearts and Minds
The Thin Blue Line

So stay tuned because in the coming weeks I will have my schedule up for this thing.


the editor., said...

Hi! Shawn,
I have skimmed your CityBeat article, but I plan to read later this evening.

By the way, I'am so glad that you categorized the
documentaries...because I plan to watch at least one documentary
from each category that you have
I guess that I fulfilled the Working Man category.

Because I have watched
"Roger and Me"But, most importantly, I'am glad that you, have found some time in between your busy schedule to watch films and post again.

Take care!
DeeDee ;-D
(Formerly DCD)

Fletch said...

Like the categories for the docs.

Also like the new URL! Already got it updated at the LAMB and everything...

Dead Pan said...

Hey DeeDee---Thanks for the enthusiasm, I am excited about diving into that study and glad you will be joining me as much as possible.

Fletch---Thanks, you are on top of your game man.

Eric said...

"The Times of Harvey Milk" is truly moving. Dustin Lance Black basically lifted the entirety of this doc for his "Milk" script. Sean Penn and Gus Van Sant are a force to be reckoned with but watching the real Harvey Milk is a singular experience.

Dead Pan said...

Eric---Yeah, I have heard that somewhat. I'm pretty excited to get in there and see the real thing.

Jose Sinclair said...

You're missing one great one: Burden of Dreams, from Les Blank, 82 - about Herzog's obsession with filming Fitzcarraldo where he actually did his character's feat of pulling the steamship up a hill to a jungle highlands lake. Great one about the process of filmmaking, similar to Hearts of Darkness by Eleanor Coppola, but perhaps more gripping.

I reviewed it here recently:

Good topic.. Jose