Monday, July 28, 2008

The Master Of Suspense...

My first director's study will be on Mr. Alfred Hitckcock. It was a close race between Hitchcock, Spielberg and Kubrick but in the end Hitchcock pulled out ahead, and rightfully so. He has a wonderful canon of films for me to choose from.

The next matter of business is choosing the 7 films I am going to study. These films have to represent all that is Hitch. I have put quite a list of films in the poll and also added other, if you choose other just let me know in these comments what your choice is.

I plan on getting into Hitchcock in a week or so, and hopefully will have it finished by the end of August. If anyone has any essays, reviews or anything they have written regarding Hitckcock and would like me to post a link to it when I publish my study that would be great, I would love to have a whole slew of different viewpoints on Hitchie.

By the way, you can vote more than once, I would suggest choosing the 7 films you think I should study.



Fletch said...

I done voted.

I'll have you know I have eagerly watched a few Hitchcock films, only to be let down by each one. I do mean to try more at some point - perhaps your study will help.

Dead Pan said...

Fletch---Which ones have you viewed? I haven't been let down by any to be honest, but I haven't been blown away by all of them. I think they have alot to say though, and on an entertainment level I find them just as gripping, if not more so than many modern thrillers.

I do know of your dislike for older films though, is that what has caused your being let down by his films?

Fletch said...

I've seen Psycho, Rear Window and Vertigo. I guess I'm let down only because the expectations are so high. I think they're all good films, but no, I haven't been blown away, either.

If you haven't read my piece on why older flicks don't ring my bell. Essentially, I don't think it's possible for me to enjoy them as much as I might have if I were watching at the time of their release. I really try to go into each viewing with an open mind - I just come out disappointed virtually every time. It's disheartening.