Sunday, August 17, 2008

"To me Psycho was a big comedy. It had to be..."

The title quote is a quote from the Master of Suspense himself. I come back to you so early with another little quick post on Hitch because while starting my study I decided I wanted to broaden the scope just a little with the films I am covering. Since Hitchcock's body of work is so large I am adding 3 more films to made it a total of 10. I will also be watching a little bit of Alfred Hitchcock Presents and recently had the pleasure of seeing a really interesting documentary on Hitchcock called Dial H for Hitchcock.

Anyways, The study is coming along better than expected and I am getting more and more excited to write it all out for you guys.

Here's the new and improved list.

Rear Window (1954)
North By Northwest (1959)
Strangers On A Train (1951)
Vertigo (1958)
Rebecca (1940)
Notorious (1946)
Psycho (1960)
The Birds (1963) Lifeboat (1944) Frenzy (1972)

I don't like putting a finished date on things because I am a huge procrastinator but I am expecting to be finished sometime in mid-September. Keep me to my word.

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T.S. said...

Thanks so much for reading Screen Savour. I'm still getting to know a lot of the people in the movie review blogging community, so I'm glad you left a note and I could track back here... great site, too, I'm adding it to my blogroll.

I'm really glad to see you're getting ready for a Hitchcock retrospective. I just finished reading "A Life In Darkness and Light" by Patrick McGilligan this summer for my annual biography project, and I learned so much about Hitchcock and his career. October is going to be my Hitchcock month on Screen Savour.

Your Hitch list looks great. I know it's too late to vote, and you have a well-rounded list of his masterpieces, but check out Shadow of a Doubt, even if it's not for this project. That's one of his most masterful (and darkly humorous) films, and Joseph Cotten is great in it.