Thursday, September 4, 2008

" And I Guess That's Your Accomplice in The Wood Chipper."

So a friend of mine was explaining to me how he is so disappointed, because every movie he was looking forward to seeing this year has now passed. I laughed, and said, "you have got to be kidding me? All the movies I wanted to see are just now about to start playing." He asked me which ones I wanted to see and my head grew blank. What did I want to see? Was I wrong and just thinking because its Oscar season that good films would be on the horizon.

I am glad to say that I have checked the facts and I was right, there are plenty of movies I am foaming at the mouth to see.
Burn After Reading/Coen Bros

I have been a Coen Brothers fan for quite some time now, but haven't enjoyed many of their films in the theatre. I was in awe when I saw No Country For Old Men in the theatre, and although this one looks more in the vain of Raising Arizona(which I love) I am extremely excited for it. Just look at Brad Pitt's hair. I would pay 10 bucks to see that hair. The trailer looks hilarious, and the Coen's always offer some nice surprises in their scripts.

Miracle At St. Anna/Spike Lee

I actually have seen very little of Spike Lee's films. This isn't to say I don't want to, just haven't gotten around to watching them. Do The Right Thing though, is one of the most emotional pieces of cinema I have watched and I am just a pudgy suburban pasty white dude. Anyways, I think this films plot seems really well integrated into the things Lee usually explores (race, culture) and real human based drama. The cast looks great as well, gotta love Joseph Gordon Levitt, Derek Luke, John Turturro, the list goes on...

Eagle Eye/DJ Caruso

I thought Disturbia was decent at best, but showed some glimpses of really good film making. The trailer for Eagle Eye shows more glimpses than the entirety of Disturbia. Caruso seems to want to follow Hitchcock's films pretty closely though, because I am sensing a lot of North By Northwest here, which isn't a bad thing as long as he does it right.
Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist/Peter Sollett

This doesn't really look outstandingly good or oscar worthy at all, but it does look like a fun movie. I would see it for the sheer presence of Michael Cera, especially to catch a glimpse of him out of Apatow/Arrested Development camps. The trailer has a feel of a sweet romantic comedy, and good music.Religulous/Larry Charles

So Larry Charles directed Borat, which was good, but not scathing and biting as it was purported. He is now here with Bill Maher and they are sending up religion. As a Christian I really disagree with a lot of what is actually being said here, but I too am skeptical of religion and I found the trailer to be humorous, while also trying a little to hard. Just as in Borat it looks like Charles is out to shock rather than show truth and honesty. There were glimpses of truth and honest in Borat, and from the reviews so far it seems this one is much more honest and thought provoking.

W./Oliver Stone

So I am gonna drop another film cred bomb. I haven't watched many Oliver Stone films either. They always seem a little too political, but I have recently grown an interest in them, and while this one doesnt seem to be setting itself up for the classic status that many of his previous films have it does look like an interesting, and humorous leap into the enigma that is George W.
Synecdoche, New York/Charlie Kaufman

How could anyone not want to see Kaufman's directorial debut. It has anything you could ask for in a film; a Kaufman penned script, his directing, PS Hoffman, a friggin crazy plot and ALOT of imagination. This may be my MOST anticipated. Note the caps. =)

Zach and Miri Make A Porno/Kevin Smith

As a few of you may know, I am a pretty big Kevin Smith fan. I am no apologist though, I understand he isn't the most innovative or creative director in the biz. I have an affinity for his films because to me they resonate deeply. I can relate to every Kevin Smith film better than most any other film I have seen. I know that he isn't the most popular choice for a favorite director, and I wouldn't exactly call him mine, but I do love him quite a bit.

On a note related to the movie, the trailer didn't make me laugh as much as I would have thought, and I am hoping Smith does more character and relational humor than gross out humor. I am glad Elizabeth Banks is a part of this for she is a talented and underrated(until recently) actress that I admire, and of course mr. Rogen's involvement peaks interest since Smith rarely works with "outsiders" to the Viewaskewniverse. Yeah, I am a nerd.

The Soloist/Joe Wright

Do I really need to explain why I have a cinematic boner for this?

The Road/John Hillcoat

Cormac McCarthy is of course, now famous for No Country For Old Men, but his most popular book(even Oprah recommends it, which normally isn't a good sign.) The Road is now being adapted and from the plot synopsis, pictures and cast it looks/sounds like the saddest movie this side of Schindlers List, but I don't mind crying like a baby, which I probably will. Don't judge me. =)
Milk/Gus Van Sant

Go ahead and watch the trailer and then try and tell me you aren't interested. I get goosebumps from the trailer alone. Sean Penn looks amazing, as does James Franco, Josh Brolin and Emile Hirsch. Mr. Van Sant, where do I cash the check?The Brothers Bloom/Rian Johnson

If someone were to ask me who I thought this film and Rian Johnson's previous effort Brick were made by, I might think, at least for a second that those darn Coen's were at it again. Rian Johnson seems to be the brightest young director working today, and I couldn't be more excited to see this.The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button/David Fincher

Is it just me or is Fincher going home with some awards this year?

Other Notable films:
Slumdog Millionare
City Of Ember
Role Models
Body Of Lies
The Day The Earth Stood Still
Revolutionary Road
Righteous Kill
How to Lose Friends and Alienate People
Yes Man
The Spirit

I know a lot of those could go either way, but I am excited for them all in some way, shape or form.

Let me know what your list would be, and where I am wrong.


goooooood girl said...

Good good good......

Dead Pan said...

Thanks, goooooooood girl.

Emma said...

Really wanna see all of those and Blindness too.

Dead Pan said...

I haven't heard of blindness yet, I'll have to look it up.