Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Catching up...

So I decided, since there is only one month left in the year, I have seen only roughly 50-60 films released this year. There are about 10-15 I haven't seen that I wish to see that have already been released, and most are on DVD. I would really like to have an expansive view of 2008, and be able to look back on the year with a top ten list and such and actually have a real opinion on a lot of films. So I can be sure of my opinions on this years films that I will be watching a whole lot of this month, I will be writing reviews for each one. The films I have yet to see that are released on DVD that I plan on getting into are:

Paranoid Park
The Visitor
Man On Wire
Red Belt
Bigger Stronger Faster
Standard Operating Procedure
The Flight of The Red Balloon
The Bank Job
The Hammer
The Band's Visit
Funny Games
Son of Rambow

I will still be trying to get in weekly reviews of theatrical films, soon enough Twilight and Milk will be given the Deadpan rundown.

Another note I wanted to make on my Man Crush list. I am so upset that I totally forgot to add Jack Lemmon to the list. He would easily be top 2 or 3.


darkcitydame4e said...

Hi! D.P.,
I hear you "loud" and "clear"
as the year end...I have to stop blogging/posting for awhile and check out the following films...
Man On a Wire,
The Bank Job,
The flight of The Red Balloon and
the Band's Visit

Deadpan said, "I totally forgot to add Jack Lemmon to the list. He would He would easily be top
2 or 3".
I totally agree with you a very versatile actor.

dcd ;-)

PS. D.P., said, "soon enough Twilight and Milk will be given the Deadpan rundown."

When you do I can't wait to check your review out!..."

Marcy said...

I saw Twilight but haven't reviewed it yet. I'm looking forward to your thoughts on the film. Should be interesting considering you're far from the target audience...

I haven't done the meme yet, mainly because I'm still trying to decide who to add on the list.

Shame on forgetting Jack Lemmon! But hey, nobody's perfect, right? :) I just saw The Odd Couple a few weeks ago and Lemmon was terrific.

Piers said...

It can't really have effect, I believe this way.