Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I think I'm the last.....

....to post an Alphabet meme.

Anyway's I was tagged by Dark City Dame to do this and have slacked. I think there are a million other's out there, all probably better than mine. I won't even attempt to explain except to say:

I like way more films than this and this is really no representation of my favorite films.

As usual it's hard to find films for some letters and there may be better for each letter but this is the ones that struck me upon thinking of the letter. I am coming at this rather simplistically and going off the cuff. I think of the letter, think of a film with that letter that I adore and BAM! That's my only criteria.

So here goes.

Annie Hall
Being There
Chasing Amy
Do The Right Thing
ET(Although 8 1/2 really wanted it)
Fight Club
Graduate, The
High Fidelity
It's A Wonderful Life
Kill Bill Vol. 1
Last Temptation of Christ, The
One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest
Psycho(Pulp Fiction is so very close)
Quiet American, The (A film based on a Graham Greene book that is alright, but the only Q film I have seen and at least somewhat enjoyed.)
Raging Bull(Holy crap! Rushmore, The Royal Tennenbaums, Raising Arizona, Rear Window, Red Planet, Requiem For A Dream, Raiders Of The Lost Ark, Ratatouille, Resevoir Dogs, Robocop, Rocky)
Seventh Seal, The (Another amazing letter...Saving Private Ryan, Schindlers List, The Searchers, Sense and Sensibility, Seven, Sex Lies and Videotape, Shawshank Redemption, The Sixth Sense, Sideways, Silence Of The Lambs, Some Like It Hot, Slacker, Solaris(both versions) , Stranger Than Fiction, South Park: Bigger, Longer, and Uncut, Synecdoche New York, Swingers)
Taxi Driver
When Harry Met Sally
Young Frankenstein


So there it is. Don't act like you're not impressed.

In the coming days expect reviews of the new Charlie Kaufman film, Synecdoche, New York, as well as David Wain's third directorial effort, Role Models.


the editor., said...

Deadpan said, "I think there are a million other's out there, all probably better than mine."

Hi! Deadpan,
I wouldn't say that too loud!...If I were you, because your list is quite "impressive"
I am very "impressed" especially, with the letter "P" and "V" films on your list!...ha!...Hitch of course!...But, really great film choices abound!...from A to Z...on your Alphabet Meme list.

dcd ;-)

the editor., said...

Hi! Deadpan,
Be sure to link your Alphabet Meme list back to Fletch at the link below in order for him to add it to his Alphabet Meme list.


Once again!
dcd ;-)

FilmDr said...

Nice selection, Deadpan. I was also torn between Psycho and Pulp Fiction, and I like your choice of the under-appreciated Being There. The Graduate and One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest both hold up well too.

Fletch said...

Better late than never, right?

Check out The Editor doing marketing for me all over the internets! :)

Shawn - I will accept your mancrush tagging. No idea when I'll do it (I've got to write pretty much the same reviews as you), but in time...

Dead Pan said...

Thanks for all the compliments on the list.

Dark City---Does Fletch pay you for this exposure, tehe.

Filmdr---I agree that Being There is underappreciated. I also think it is Hall Ashby and Peter Sellers crowning achievement.

Fletch---Better hop on the bandwagon soon, this man crush thing is going to take over the internet...scratch that...THE WORLD! OK, I'll be happy if I can get 2 people to actually go through with it.

darkcitydame4e said...

Hi! Deadpan,
Oops!...I see you already know that it is never too late!

@Fletch...You discovered my "little
secret"...shhh!...What is it?

@Deadpan said,..."Dark City---Does Fletch pay you for this exposure, tehe."
Deadpan! that a "rumor"!..haha
wink ;-O wink ;-O nod, nod...
The editor (aka Darkcitydame)

Valentine said...

Of course, the writer is completely fair.