Wednesday, December 10, 2008

In the coming year...

So I posted my supposed list of film genre's on the side here, and will add links as soon as I finish each study. I also have a poll up where you can vote on which study I will tackle first. In regards to the decades I also added on there, that is for any films I happen to miss from that decade that I wish to tackle. I know some decades are ripe with more films I am a little more excited about seeing(50's-70's for example). And, although I have tons of films that will be listed in each category I'm sure there will be those I miss, and they will be added into those categories.

I hope I can actually accomplish all of this. I need ya'll to root for me.

"Wormser is a master of aerodynamics. He has engineered the javelin to complement Lamar's limp-wristed throwing style."

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the editor., said...

Hi! D.P.,
I just voted in your poll, but my "lips" are sealed!...that is until the "result" are in...I didn't know that you "upgraded" your blog, it looks great, but most importantly, I like to read your very interesting writings!

dcd ;-)